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For a $5.99 payment, you can send us a maximum of 5 pictures and we will create an erotic cuckold captioned story with them that you can’t stop masturbating to 😉 These won’t be just one liners or random captions but a full blown story with a rational progression of the plot, relating to the pictures and your requests.

The captioned pictures will be emailed back to you within 48 hours. We will not share the pictures anywhere and will certainly ensure your privacy.

Happy cuckolding!!

Why caption?

  1. You can live your fantasy through this augmented reality we will be creating for you. It is safer and free of other concerns than doing it for real and often can be a stepping stone to the real experience.
  2. You can get excited over the same captioned story over and over, trust us, you will get hot and bothered every time you will read them!
  3. you won’t have to be worried about your privacy or getting the pictures exposed allover the INTERNET. We are very strict about keeping the pictures we caption safe and they will only be shared with you.
  4. It is great value for money! A roleplay on the cam site would cost you lots of money and membership in a paid cuckold site is much more expensive compared to what we are offering. And our each set of captions will turn you on more than once, that we can promise.
  5. You will be paying through the safest payment gateway ‘paypal’.
  6. You can request the plot of the story and we will mould the captions around that plot.
  7. We have created captioned stories for hundreds of our clients so far with no issue regarding breach of privacy or any other technical glitch. The delivery is made always within 48 hours. At the worst case scenario, it may delay by a day or two if we are travelling during that time. We are a regular couple with a small family so have other priorities besides this :). But when that happens, we will inform you about the delay.
  8. On the down side, you might get addicted to the stories we will be creating for you and keep coming back for more  😉




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